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Macha Cafe in Milan: A Little Green to Brighten Your Day


I found a matcha cafe in Milan!

Although I’m not a college-age hipster and avid frequenter of green tea cafes, I do love it when Milan embraces different food & beverage trends. Originating in Japan, matcha cafes have also been popular in the US for some time now. I’ve spent most of my young adult life in Italy, and there are so many food trends that have been taking off in the US that I have yet to experience. So I was definitely psyched to hear about Macha Cafe.



I’m honestly drawn to the colors often used in these cafes. The soft, pastel hues instill peace and creativity. The distinctive matcha shade of green is so calming and inviting, especially when swirled around in the perfect mixture of foamy milk.


Matcha cheesecake, matcha cappuccino, cold matcha latte with almond milk

The menu offers an assortment of sweet and savory treats such as matcha cheesecake, matcha energy bowls, and even a selection of sushi. A part of the menu is also dedicated to our other favorite green friend – avocado 🙂 As for the beverages, just add matcha to everything from your early morning cappuccino to your evening mojito!



The light wooden tables are minimally decorated with beautiful green tea kettles and bonsai trees. Seating is limited, so come in the late afternoon to avoid the crowds. Overall, the cafe offers a lovely space for catching up with a friend over some delicious matcha.


Macha Cafe – Viale Crispi 15 – Milan

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