What do Italian babies eat?


While visiting my sister-in-law, I curiously snuck a peek at the baby food they had at home. Differences in eating habits between Italy and the US are always interesting to me.

In addition to the jars of fruit and vegetable medleys and meats like beef and turkey, which are typical to both cultures, there were these 3 gems: tomato and ricotta, prosciutto, and rabbit. I love how baby food mirrors local culture and what everyone eats as an adult. Here at the supermarket, I saw some other interesting baby food options like codfish and horse meat.

Our tastes are shaped by cultural norms, but its also very true that we learn our eating habits from our parents. I was raised in America, but I grew up eating Filipino food, which definitely preconditioned my love for heavy meals and a variety of flavors. I also grew up in California, the greatest melting pot of cultures and cuisine, which probably explains my predisposition to eating and enjoying almost everything.




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  • Reply alicearienta

    it’s very funny post raquel ! When i travel i ‘am always curious about baby food habits,in France for example they have different habits, please Raquel give a look at french groceries once!
    Anyway i like cooking and i prepared by myself the meal for my 22 months baby agata .. do you believe i never bought baby industrial products ? perhaps only one time, i tasted and i decided that it worth to cooking 🙂 hugs italian mum alice

    January 18, 2015 at 3:22 pm
    • Reply Rachel Marie

      Hi Alice! I read an article about school lunches in French elementary schools (if you are interested – It’s impressive how dedicated they are to promoting good eating habits early on.
      I think it’s great that you have the time (and patience!) to cook for your daughter. I noticed that many Italian moms are very attentive about their children’s nutrition. It must be hard work, but totally worth it. Plus, she will definitely grow up appreciating good Italian food 🙂

      January 18, 2015 at 10:07 pm

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